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Ideal for a performance upgrade or replacement. 


We only fit YSS shocks, much better quality than genuine, with added performance.


See below for you model/year. Or of course get in touch with your product code or VIN and we'll confirm for you.


Type:   Oil damper
Top mount:   Eye
Inner Diameter Eye:   10 mm
Length:   340 mm
Bottom mount:   Fork
Fork width:   20 mm
Adjustment:   Preload
Spring colour:   Black
Spring Characteristics:   8-12
Spring Length:   240 mm
Spring Diameter:   38/40 mm
Damper reservoir:   No
Manufacturer:   YSS
Piston diameter:   22 mm
Rod Diameter:   10 mm

Yamaha YP 125 250 XMAX Rear Shocks YSS (2006 - 2022)

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