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Known issue with N Max models is the shocks give up very easily. We fit many sets of these when the genuine shocks fail. Much better quality and performance.


Don't get caught out buying fake YSS products, we are a verified dealer.


This is for stock length. We can supply 25mm lower if you'd like.


Type:   Gas Damper
Top mount:   Eye
Inner Diameter Eye:   10 mm
Length:   335 mm
Bottom mount:   Fork
Fork width:   20 mm
Adjustment:   Preload
Spring colour:   Black
Spring Characteristics:   14-25
Spring Length:   215 mm
Spring Diameter:   46 mm
Damper reservoir:   No
Manufacturer:   YSS
Piston diameter:   22 mm
Rod Diameter:   10 mm

Yamaha GPD N-Max 125 YSS Rear Shocks (2015 - 2016)

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