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High-tech for all V2 Twins from Harley


Replacing a standard lead-acid battery with a JMT lithium-ion battery can save up to 5 kg of weight without any significant effort.


The following advantages speak for JMT lithium-ion batteries:

- ca.1 / 3 of the weight of the comparable lead-acid battery

- Unbeatable ratio of cost / weight savings

- Can be installed in any position, since no acid

- does not contain heavy metals

- balanced discharge / charge of all cells by balancer

- Quick charge with high charging current possible (up to 90% in 6 min)

- very low self-discharge (max. 5% per month)

- even at high temperatures still good performance up to 60 ° C

- safe technology and long service life

- Special black, roughened surface for optimum "look"

- very high cold start-up

- excellent vibration resistance

- highly loadable pole connections ensure a smooth start and a long run


- Delivered with a pole cover, also in black


Due to their specific properties, lead-acid batteries can only use 30% of their capacity, whereas lithium-ion batteries can utilize nearly 100% of the capacity. For this reason, the lithium versions of the JMT batteries require only 1/3 the capacity of a comparable lead-acid battery for the same starting power.

An even charge state of all cells is ensured by a built-in processor ("balancer").



Please note that only suitable chargers may be used for charging. We recommend JMP chargers. The maximum recommended charging currents are given in the technical data below.


Under no circumstances may chargers be used which attempt to desulphate deep-discharge batteries below 10 volts with a voltage of more than 14.9 volts before starting the actual charge.

The maximum charge voltage of 14.9 volts must never be exceeded. There is a risk of explosion.


The manufacturer guarantees a sufficient starting capacity up to -5 degrees Celsius.



JMT lithium-ion batteries use iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the cathode material and use the lithium polymer process in manufacturing. As a result, they can neither ignite nor explode in flames during normal operation.

The technology and the manufacturing process ensure the highest safety standard for lithium batteries.


  • Voltage :   12v
    Capacity :   8.0 Ah (10 Std)
    Capacity :   96 Wh
    Type :   Lithium
    Activated :   Yes
    Manufacturer claimed CCA :   400 A
    SAE as measured by JMP battery tester :   490 A
    DIN as measured by JMP battery tester :   445 A
    EN as measured by JMP battery tester :   275 A
    Length :   148 mm
    Width :   86 mm
    Height :   144 mm
    Weight (including acid) :   1.2 kg
    Acid Pack included :   No
    Terminal connection :   Front
    Positive terminal :   Front right
    Negative terminal :   Front left
    Breather hose :   Without
    Manufacturer :   JMT
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