Performance upgrade or custom application 

Whether you want better braking efficiency, have a custom project in need of new lines or perhaps you just want to detail your bike with colour matching hoses; we can make this happen! Stainless steel construction for both performance and longevity, every banjo/fitting angle you can imagine we have you covered. With a choice of 13 hose colours and 7 for your fittings, easily adding subtle touches to your ride!

Brake hose measure.PNG


Collection in-store or delivery

Simply design your brake hose using the designer below, then send us a screenshot of your hose. We'll contact you for payment and let you know when it's ready! Or pop in-store and we can design the hose to your specific needs. We can usually have hoses made within 1 working day but with the vast amount of fittings and colours their could be small delay.


Single Brake Hose (Any colour and design) 12cm-151cm: £36

                                                                                     151cm-250cm: £40

Step 1 - Design your hose

Step 2 - Send us photo

Step 3 - We'll be in touch!

Thanks For Your Custom!